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TuTuApp free is a Chinese app store where you can get most of the cool hacked apps which make the game play a lot more fun by giving you full control and fine tuning some features of the game or the app. Tutuapp contains millions of hacked and cracked games and apps that you can download for your android device.

Most of us are crazy about the new and exciting Pokemon Go app with the excitement of catching new Pokemon and re living our childhood but it gets boring if we are just walking around and find nothing. That is why developers have created the Tutu Helper Pokemon Go version, the hacked version of this app where you will not have to wonder in the streets and you can stay at your home and simulate the game to walk for you.

Tutu App Download

In the cracked version of the app, you will see a joystick to walk around in your neighbourhood and catch Pokemon with your smart phone, just actual walking excluded the game is same as the original. Please know that the TuTu Helper free version will only work with iOS and Android phones, smart phones without root access will not be able to run the Tutuapp Pokemon Go version.

That’s it! The process to download and install TutuApp for PC is this simple. When the installation is completed, the TutuApp icon will appear on the desktop and you can open it to download an app of your choice.

TutuApp Guides:

Here is some basic information about TutuApp to make sure that you have downloaded the right file. The latest app version of TuTuAPK is Version and the file size of the software is 35.1 MB.

With the help of TutuApp, you can now download other paid apps which you can run on your PC for free. The best thing about this app store is that it even allows you to installed modified version of the original app to suit your requirement that too at free of cost. The apps are downloaded from TuTu Vip at a very great speed and there is no limit to the number of apps that you want to download it. The TutuApp version gives a very smooth experience for its PC users to download and install the apps in the Windows PC.


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